Based on our customer’s wishes and some sketches we did a testing rig design for hydraulic aircraft lifting equipment.

These tests are performed to check if the safety valves on the lifting equipment are working properly. For this purpose, a load cell is placed between the rig and the lifting platform and hydraulic pressure is applied. The load cell measures the load at which the safety valve of the lifting equipment opens.

To lower manufacturing costs, engineering design and CAD were done with the customer’s manufacturing process in mind. Besides this, the rig had to withstand a force of 500 kN and FEA calculations were performed to control this requirement and safety factors had to be taken into account.

When the project was completed, the customer received the usual package of technical documentation (PDF, STEP, DXF, and parts list).

During manufacturing, some changes were made to simplify the testing rig design even further. We took notice of these changes and transferred them back to our model for the customer’s future reference. All document changes were stored under new revision and our customer received a new technical documentation package.

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