The Packaging Line Engineering project began in 2016.

This type of production line is used for mixing and packaging of refractory cement. The total length of the line is 30 m, but due to agreements, only insignificant parts of the packaging line can be shown here. Here is a quick introduction video to the customer’s company.

The project started because the customer wanted to make a copy of their existing packaging line but had no drawings of the latest version.

Based on the incomplete technical documentation and sayings of maintenance people we slowly began modeling the packaging line in SolidWorks. During the concept phase, a lot of measurements were required to get all the information that was needed for modeling.

Because we always strive to make products better and easier to manufacture, we often discussed the design with the actual manufacturer. This way we kept the manufacturing costs as low as possible.

On such big projects, changes are inevitable. But thanks to our good CAD standards, we always knew what was the latest version and which parts have been changed. The manufacturer was very pleased with the job because we made his processes run smoothly and without surprises.

Facts about this project:

  • The model consisted of approximately 20.000 components
  • The project had approximately 1000 manufacturing drawings
  • The whole line consisted of 33 modules that were designed and made one after the other. This means that the beginning of the line was already manufactured and assembled, while the end of the line was still in the design phase.
  • Besides PDF drawings, the manufacturer also received DXF and STEP files and a parts list in excel with all the material listed.

Since 2016 we designed two similar lines that are now working in India and Kazakhstan. Each of them had their own special requirements.

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