For our customer S2P d.o.o. we did mechanical engineering for multiple prototypes of their bike-fitting product. It’s a 3D sensor that a bike-fitting specialist installs into the crankshaft of a bicycle. The pedal measures force and torque in all directions. Based on these measurements, the specialist advises the cyclist on how to adjust bicycle geometry so that his cycling efficiency is the highest.

Because of the different sensor types that we used for measuring, we had to change the prototype multiple times. We also developed a wired and a wireless version for it. Besides, we also had to design different types of adapters, so cyclists with different types of shoes and cleats would be able to do bike-fitting.

The product had to be as small and light as possible. Because of tight spaces and high loads, we had to perform FEA simulation on the axis of the pedal and the pedals enclosure.

After the 3D model was confirmed, we continued by making technical documentation. The package included PDF drawings, STEP models for CNC machining, DXF files for 2D cutting and an Excel parts list (BOM).

The majority of prototype parts were CNC machined. After we got all the components from different suppliers, we began to assemble the prototype. Because we made only one piece at the time we had to make some adjustments to make components fit together.

After mechanical engineering and assembly were finished, the customer took over the electronics and software development.

Since then they have sold several items of the Bike-Fitting Pedal.

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