For our regular customer S2P d.o.o. we performed mechanical design engineering of one of their products for measurements in sport. The knee dynamometer measures the torque a person can produce in their knees. This device helps sports physicians determine the success rate of the training or rehabilitation process.

Since 2014 we have made several different versions of this product. Because some end users have special requirements, the product has to be customizable.

The product is always evolving and with each series, we add some new enhancements and hardware changes to it. Some are the end-users requirements and others help make the product easier to assemble or manufacture. Knowing which parts have changed is very important when having a bunch of serviceable products around the world. This is why we now follow interchangeability rules whenever we apply changes to a customer’s product.

Every time a product change is needed, we model it in the 3D environment first. After our customer confirms the new changes, we proceed with revision changes of the product’s technical documentation. As usual, the customer gets a new package of the documentation. This includes PDF drawings, STEP and DXF files, and parts lists for ordering.

The customer takes care of the assembling process, electronics and software development.

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