This was one of our largest projects so far. It included mechanical designing of prototypes for 10 different sports measurement devices.

Based on our customer’s wishes and sketches we designed 3D models of devices. During the concept phase, we closely communicated with the manufacturers to make the design suit their manufacturing processes and to keep the manufacturing costs to a minimum. After the 3D models were confirmed, we proceeded with the detailed technical documentation that was needed for manufacturing. This package included parts lists (also called bill of materials or BOMs), detailed drawings in PDF format, STEP models for CNC machining and DXF files for 2D cutting.

Some of the devices were manufactured in-house but the majority of the manufacturing was performed by customer’s manufacturing partners.

After the parts were made, they were delivered to our location where the assembling of each device took place. Because these were all prototypes, some parts had to be adjusted to fit with the help of basic tools.

After the mechanical designing of prototypes was finished and everything was assembled together, the customer took care of electronics and software.

All these devices were developed for company S2P d.o.o. which specializes in custom made devices for sports measurement.

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