For this project, we had to make a simple lifting beam design that would be used for moving heavy equipment during the maintenance process. The customer provided a basic sketch and some loading conditions that we had to double-check first. During design, we also had to consider the type of traveling trolley that the customer used for this beam.

Because of safety regulations, the lifting beam design process also included basic engineering calculations and FEA static structural analysis of critical spots.

The customer had limited resources on this project, so we paid special attention to making the design as simple as possible.

After the engineering part was completed the customer confirmed the 3D model. The next step was to make technical documentation for manufacturing.

Technical documentation package included:

  • PDF drawings
  • STEP files for CNC machining
  • DXF files for the 2D cutting process
  • parts list for the ordering of material
  • FEA simulation results

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