The industrial automation line design of this sheet metal cutting machine remains one of our greatest projects.

Our main job was to design a machine for circular cutting of sheet metal that will be able to cut 500 pieces of rondels per hour. As part of this project, we also designed one conveyor and two manipulation arms for the stacking of finished rondels. Other parts of the line were bought as finished products and were integrated into the line.

An example of a similar machine can be found here.

Due to agreement, we can only disclose insignificant details of this project.


Construction of the cutting machine included:

  • concept design and basic engineering calculations
  • determination of loads on the machine’s structure during the cutting process
  • design of the machine’s welded structure
  • definition of components (bearings, gearboxes, servo motors, spindles, linear guides, etc.)
  • excel calculations for determining the lifetime of components
  • CAD design in SolidWorks
  • FEA simulations of welded structures with Mecway software
  • Drawings for manufacturing
  • Other manufacturing files (STEP, DXF, PDF)
  • Ordering BOM’s for material and components
  • Maintenance manuals

During the design phase, we collaborated closely with the manufacturer, to make sure the design was fitted to his technology. After we completed the industrial automation line design, we also assisted by the assembly of the machine.

With the help of special data management software, all our model and drawing changes are saved by revision. This way we prevent the production of wrong parts and keep manufacturing costs to a minimum. To find out more about our way of work, visit our team page.



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