With the help of our design engineering knowledge, we designed a device that is used to add the top and bottom profiles to aluminum transport boxes.

This design engineering project started with a quick meeting with our customers and a few simple sketch ideas. After the requirements were acquired, we started with a 3D concept design in SolidWorks. During this phase, some very basic calculations were needed to define the geometry of parts that had to withstand high loads. After a few weeks of work and some online meetings, we agreed on the design and proceeded further with modeling of details and standard component selection.

At the beginning of a project, we always ask our customers what kind of manufacturing processes they have available and who are their preferred suppliers. Having this information at hand from the start keeps the design engineering costs to the minimum. Find out more…

So, after the customer confirmed our 3D design, we proceeded with the making of manufacturing documentation. As usually, this included detailed part/assembly drawings, parts lists, and files for manufacturing machines (DXF, STEP).

In a nutshell, we provided:

  • concept design with engineering calculations,
  • 3D detailed modeling,
  • manufacturing drawings in PDF,
  • ordering BOM (parts list) in Excel,
  • DXF and STEP files for manufacturing.

Due to agreement, only insignificant details of this project can be disclosed.

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