The construction of the industrial automation device for printing on boxes was ordered by one of our customers.

The project began after the customer presented his ideas about the device we had to develop. After weeks of discussion and getting to know the customer’s wishes, the 3D model was complete. After that, we could proceed with the creation of production drawings and parts lists.

The device included multiple printing heads and scanners for visual control. During the printing process, the device had to turn and flip over boxes so they could get printed on different sides. The device had to be able to print on boxes of different sizes and from different sides. At the end of the printing line, the device had to collect the boxes in rows for easier packaging.

The customer’s wish was to get complete and detailed drawings and parts lists for ordering. By construction of industrial automation devices, we also try to design for easy maintenance. We achieve this by keeping the number of different standard parts (bearings, bolts, etc.) to a minimum.

During the design process, we also held a few meetings with the customer’s manufacturers. This way we made sure the parts were easy enough to manufacture because the customer was on a tight budget.

When the construction of the industrial automation device was complete, the customer got our regular technical documentation package. The package includes PDF drawings, STEP and DXF files for manufacturing and detailed parts lists (BOM) in excel format. Having the parts list in the excel format enables the customer to filter by suppliers, materials or other column information and save time when ordering.

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