SolidWorks CAD & PDM Consulting Services.

We see a lot of companies struggle with CAD software like SolidWorks because of bad or outdated working procedures. Bad CAD procedures or bad "CAD standards" as we call them, can have major impact on the engineering team's productivity and the company's end results. 

Sometimes huge improvements can be achieved within 5 minutes and sometimes it takes more time to get a CAD team on the same page and to follow the same CAD standards.

This is why we came up with a new CAD consulting service, called:

SolidWorks Productivity Check

What's included?

  • SolidWorks Hardware Check

    With help of SolidWorks benchmark test, we will find out if your hardware is suitable for the type of work you are doing.

  • SolidWorks Data Sharing Check

    Usually SolidWorks users are sharing their CAD data by copy-pasting their folders from one PC to another. This often causes loss of data, production of wrong parts and wasted time. We can show you how SolidWorks PDM helped our company eliminate these problems.

  • SolidWorks Templates Check

    We will take a look at your templates that you currently use. With template customization we might help you get rid of some repetitive tasks that add up to a project’s completion time.

  • SolidWorks Custom Properties Check

    Custom properties can get a bit messy with time if no one takes care of them. This can be disturbing for new employees and outside contractors.

  • SolidWorks Design Library Check

    We will take a look at your design library and check if there is anything that can be added to it, so you can save your time in advance.

  • SolidWorks File Conversions Check

    At the end of a project, file conversions to PDF, STEP and DXF are usually performed. Sadly, we see a lot of SolidWorks users still doing this manually. We know a simple tool that might help you save a lot time.

DOWNLOAD FLYER : "CAD & PDM svetovanje"

-  this offer is available only for companies in Slovenia -

You define the price!

It's hard to put a price tag on consulting service, so we will let you decide how much time and money we have helped you save!

Not sure yet?

Ok, no problem.

You can continue with downloading a free guide from our blog page: "Basic tips to increase productivity in SolidWorks".

You can get back to us later, if you will have any specific questions.

Basic tips to increase productivity in SolidWorks