jeremy fielding

Jeremy Fieldings shares his knowledge

In Mechanical Engineering by Barbara

Jeremy Fielding made a very nice video in which he shared his advice that might be of interest to any mechanical engineer out there.

A quick list of his tips and tricks:
🚩 Define the problem and ask probing questions
🚩 Define your constraints (Time, Quality, Cost, Size,…)
🚩 Do your research
🚩 Do your brainstorming on a paper
🚩 Simplify your 3D models (especially catalog and standard parts) for better CAD performance
🚩 Make symmetrical parts whenever possible
🚩 Drawings should make sense to those who don’t know the design
🚩 Talk to a machinist, welder, or fabricator in advance
🚩 Make a list of parts that should be replaceable and make those parts easy to replace
🚩 Check if your design fails safe
🚩 Think about how your product will be used and how it could be misused
🚩 Control the cost (you as the engineer define how much the product will cost)
🚩 Use “off the shelf” parts whenever possible

For more check out his video: