How we use Configurations in Solidworks

In SW Tips & Tricks by Barbara

This is how we achieve shorter rebuilding and opening times of models and drawings with the help of configurations in Solidworks:

First thing’s first:
✔️ We use configurations only to show different states of one item.
❌ We never use this technique to show different items that are similar.

Like in this case, for example, we have 6 different configurations.
The main configurations are showing 3 different positions of the sensor and each of those configurations has also a simplified configuration.
The main configurations are used during the design phase and also for renderings.
The simplified configurations on the other hand are used in higher-level assemblies that don’t need that amount of detail.

This strategy helps us:
👉 keep our assemblies and drawings as fast as possible
👉 gives us the ability to check the design in detailed (default) configuration at any time
👉 keeps the models always ready for a quick render, which is indispensable for marketing purposes

This way we make sure, time is spent on activities that really matter and that bring value to our customers.